Supercharged Breakfast Smoothie

Supercharged Breakfast Smoothie

As you know, I love nut butters. I use them all the time and have tried a huge range. So you know I was ridiculously excited when Hi-Pro Nutrition emailed me to see if I would like to try their products!


I got sent both the smooth and crunchy and usually I am a crunchy kind of guy – smooth hardly even gets a chance. But oh boy. Both tasted amazing and nutritionally they are fantastic!


Hi-Pro contains 33% protein and slightly less fat than usual peanut butters. This is achieved through using peanut flour instead of whey, which also means it is vegan friendly too. It does contain palm oil which often raises alarm bells, however as my friend¬†Leah from ‘The Hungry Welsh Girl’ found out it is from sustainable sources which is great to know.

I was asked to come up with a recipe and I wanted to try all sorts of things, however I realised I haven’t ever done a smoothie recipe so set to work.

I knew I wanted to keep it packed with bonus nutrition, so adding turmeric was a wise move. The flavour this created alongside the peanut butter was amazing and this smoothie has become a regular staple for me now. Check out the original recipe on the Hi-Pro Nutrition website HERE or follow the instructions below.


Thanks again to Hi-Pro for sending me these out, and if you want to get your hands on it, then check the supermarkets! Right now in Sainsburys it is just £2 a jar so an absolute steal!

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