I created this blog as a way of sharing my own recipes, beliefs and interests to a wider audience and everything expressed is my own opinion (or the opinion of those making guest contributions). As their are costs accrued to run a website and food blog such as hosting, templates, photography and filming equipment etc I have begun to get affiliate links and advertisements appearing on the website.

I have created this page to make it transparent regarding any posts, affiliate links and recommendations to other brands or companies. These recommendations come through my own beliefs and values and are products that I personally use and have tried myself. I will never openly endorse products that I have not tried and that I do not believe in for monetary gain.


  • Any adverts on this blog do not imply a recommendation, however they are carefully selected in line with my blog’s philosophy of healthy eating.
  • Adverts are present with the purpose of generating a revenue in order to sustain the day to day runnings of this blog i.e. hosting costs, cost of ingredients, baking equipment, photography equipment and filming equipment, all of which will be bought with the aim of enhancing your reading experience

Affiliate Links & Promo Codes

  • My blog content (advice and recipes) remain free to all because of the addition of affiliate links (each blog post takes a considerable amount of time to write and each recipe takes a considerable amount of time and also money to develop/make). If you click certain hyperlinks and purchase items, in some cases I may receive a small commission e.g. from The Protein Works, Muscle Foods etc. Affiliate links do not affect the price that you pay.
  • If I link to an e-shop, it is not that I endorse the advice that they may give or their philosophy, it is merely a place where either I obtained the product in question, or that you can purchase it.
  • I occasionally post carefully selected promo codes which reduce the price of certain products that I link to e.g. Muscle Foods, which may mean that making my recipes is cheaper for you. I do this to benefit my readers and followers and I too may also use them.
  • Any rewards received do not play a part in the products and services featured/used or statements written on this blog.